Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in Britain


"Be thy Mind opened unto the Higher, Be thy Heart a Centre of Light,
Be thy Body a Temple of the Rose Cross."

"This Order's mentor and guiding light was the late Dr. Israel Regardie. The modern-day Order does not claim institutional lineage to the original H.O.G.D. but it does claim initiatory lineage to the original Order through Israel Regardie." - Ciceros

This is the first time the British arm of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® (H.O.G.D.) has presented itself in web site form. With the internet now playing such a major role in connecting those of like mind together we felt it time to shine the light a little further to those seeking guidance on the path and primarily living in Britain/Europe.

Whether you consider yourself a novice, an aspiring student or an adept in your own specialist field we hope you find something within our pages that aids your progressive journey toward the light. If you feel able to contribute we welcome new submissions that are in-keeping with the Hermetic Tradition.

After reading about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® in Britain and perhaps some of the related papers you find your heart and mind in accord with our Order we would like to hear from you .

We thank you for finding us and wish you well on your journey.

H.O.G.D. Britain, Winter Solstice 2007
Updated Summer Solstice 2012